1st floor

If you are more than two people who want to stay together, Belzoe’s 1st floor is a good offer.
The 1st floor accommodates 3 rooms, all with room for 2 people.

There is a shared bathroom with shower, as well as a kitchen and living room.
In the kitchen there is a fridge-freezer, stove, oven and dishwasher. The living room has TV, DVD and free internet access. There is also an entrance hall.

The rooms can also be rented separately.

The rooms on the 1st floor are all named by place names from Lindum Forest, located just 300m north of Belzoe.
Lindum Forest, at approx. 1170 belong to Tjele Gods, who has been in the Luttichau’s family since 1739.

The cave (Room no. 1)

Hjortehøj, is a burial mound near the road Mølledalsvejen in the 2nd district.

At the foot of this burial mound lived in the period October 1944 until May 1945 – 3 dessert makers deserted from the German army. They were at the German Army Division in Viborg. The caves, as they were called, dug a refuge that was about 2 m long, 1.8 m wide and 3 m deep. The cave may be weak today. The cave was covered until after the war, so nobody would fall down.

It is an incredibly interesting report of three men’s lives and stays in Lindum Forest, and excerpts from several books on this can be borrowed, whose interest is held.

In 1986, the two of the dessert men came to Lindum to visit the area.

Quintesøen (Værelse 2)

Not far from Erikstrupvej / Drøwten. The name is spelled in some places, such as Kvindsø or Quintsø.

If you are a little shy, this is the place. Many scary stories about the lake are told where young women who were in disrepute have reportedly taken their own lives by going to the lake, or even drowning their children after birth.

However, local believes that the “shown” is only scary stories, so one must assume that the correct name of the lake is Quintsø.

At the west end of Quintsø lies Rasmus Mørk’s wardrobe. Rasmus Mørk murdered a merchant and his assistant in Klejtrup in 1879. It was in this place that Rasmus Mørk changed his bloody clothes with the merchant, under an apple tree – hence the name Rasmus Mørk’s wardrobe. Rasmus Mørk, probably the last one who was beheaded in Denmark in 1880. Rasmus Mørk is buried at Klejtrup Cemetery.

Søvide (Værelse 3)

For a number of years in the 1900s, commercial fishing was carried out in the lake. In the past there was also ferry crossing the lake.

A prison agreement between Ushus and Tjele Gods, instructed the farmer at Ushus to conduct the ferry between Ushus on the south side of the lake and Søvide on the north side of the lake.

The road between Søvide and Lindum is called Hovstien today. The name comes from the time when the farmer farmers used the road when they were on hovering.
The ferry continued far into the 1900s. In the past, it took a long time to get around the lake on land, so the waterway was the fastest road of travel.