At Belzoe you have the opportunity to get close to nature. We have three cabins, each with its own theme inspired by nature.

The cottages have a shared outdoor kitchen and a shared bathroom. It is possible to enjoy your food in the “Fodrehuset”, where you can get the feeling of eating outside, but still with a roof over your head.

The Swallow’s nest (cabin no. 1)

The Swallow’s Nest is for the romantic guest.

Contains: Tea kitchen with fridge, oven, kettle and coffee maker.

There is a lot of popular attention and superstition attached to the swallow in Denmark, because the bird is closely related to human habitation and has a characteristic appearance and a conspicuous escape. Where the Swallow built it’s nests, it was believed to bring happiness to the residents of the home, and it was considered forbidden to kill a swallow.

The Henhouse (cabin no. 2)

To the guest who loves being in the present, enjoy the surroundings and loves a good chat.

Contains: Tea kitchen with coffee maker, kettle, microwave and refrigerator.

Rooster and hen are often attributed to human, transmitted characteristics. A man can on Danish “gøre haneben” to a woman,
i.e. Try to make an impression and a woman can be portrayed as a “hen mother”.

The Beehive (cabin no. 3 )

To the active guest who is on new discoveries every day but appreciates coming home to the warmth of the Beehive at the end of the day.

Contains: Electric kettle and coffee maker.

Bees are perceived as working and social animals; a hive symbolizes common diligence and thrift. Their honey associates them with gods and with the heavenly region (in Greek mythology, nectar is the gods’ immortality drink).

In ancient Egypt, the bee was a life-giving symbol and attribute of the King of the Lower Kingdom. In ancient Greece, the queen bee was a symbol of Demeter, the Great Mother, and bees appeared as servants in the land of happiness – Elysion. In Christianity, the bee has often been linked with the Virgin Mary as a symbol of virginity, and the hive can symbolize the Christian congregation.